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The websites presented below are not advertising links and do not commit any side to any kind of actions or responsibility. These websites contain the information about starting your own business in France and all of them are free for you to use.

Many commercial sites are here to offer financial support which you can apply for. However, let us give you a piece of advice: apply for financial support before starting (even administratively) your business!

Agency for Business Creation.
Agence Pour la Création d'Entreprise

A very complete website: numerous pieces of information dealing with the environment of business creation, from A to Z. Sometimes a little too general.

Office of the clerk of Commerce Court of Paris.
Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce de Paris

Down-to-earth and useful pieces of advices related to the different stages of business creation.

A gold mine of information as practical as strategic. Many models for contracts, letters that you can use without changing anything.

Inforeg, CCI de Paris
Numerous official documents which will help you with your routine everyday questions.

The "chèque-emploi"
Informational website on the "chèque-emploi".

INSEE, Starting your company.
Créateurs d'entreprise

Online economic index and researches that will help you before your create your business (population, index, environment....)

Site of Public Services for Professionals.
L'espace professionnel du Service Public

Useful advice from the French government, extracts from legal papers ....

CERFA, most common forms.
Formulaires les plus courants

Download the most common forms.

Text of legal documents.

La CANAM, business creation.
Création d'entreprise.

Many downloadable pieces of information and a "starting business" file. Interesting.

Website to consult the sooner the better (even before you create your company) for it has many downloadable forms on line.

NetPME, Internet for Companies.
L'internet des entreprises

A very complete site, full of pieces of advice for small to medium business.

If you find any other websites that correspond to our subject and that are non-commerical and useful please don't hesitate to send the links to us using the form below. Thank you!

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